Consulting on Middle East Affairs

The Middle East is home to many diverse peoples, with ancient and proud cultures, in varying stages of political and socio-economic development, often times in conflict. Now in a state of historic flux, the rate and breath of change in the region has become so great that few can keep up with developments and truly understand their deeper meanings.

The Arab Spring and subsequent upheaval, including the domestic conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, have transformed the Middle Eastern landscape, with great consequence for the national security of the countries of the region and the international community. Iran’s ongoing pursuit of a military nuclear capability and attempts to project influence throughout the region have placed it at odds with the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, and may lead to a diplomatic showdown and military confrontation. The Syrian civil war continues to simmer, as does the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and armed conflict between Israel and Hezbollah or Hamas can erupt at any time.

The region is also undergoing a fundamental realignment of forces, with Saudi Arabia and the other Sunni states increasingly finding common cause with Israel, both against Iran and a resurgent Turkey. Russia has taken advantage of the US disengagement to restore its own regional stature, offering weapons and nuclear reactors to all takers. As the primary source of the world’s energy resources, the Middle East also remains the locus of the terror-WMD-fundamentalist nexus, which continues to pose a significant threat to both regional and international security.

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