I have spent nearly four decades honing my expertise in Israeli national security, US-Israeli relations, American policy in the Middle East and Middle Eastern affairs generally. I served in Israel’s defense establishment for over two decades, as an analyst specializing in strategic affairs and eventually reached the position of deputy national security advisor. Since leaving government service, I spent many years as a senior fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School and have taught political science at Harvard, Columbia, NYU and Tel Aviv University. As an academic, I have had the opportunity to delve even more deeply into many of the issues that I addressed while in the government and have written a number of books on Israeli national security strategy and policymaking.

My areas of expertise cover the entire gamut of Israeli foreign policy, politics, military affairs and the IDF. Among other issues, I focus in particular on the Iranian threat, including the nuclear program and regional expansionism, US-Israeli relations, the peace process and prospects for a two-state solution, Hezbollah and Hamas, Israel’s national security strategy and decision making processes, Israel and the cyber threat and American Middle East policy. I also closely follow developments in the Middle Eastern world, including the dramatic changes in the region ever since the Arab Spring and major developments in the leading countries in the region.